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Jobs & Milestones

  • High School Graduation2019
  • Saint Louis UniversityStudent for 1 year
  • CS50x & Self Teaching Programming2020
  • DoorDash Delivery Driver
  • Launch of several small to large scale programming projects
  • Blayzer Digital Full-Stack Web Developer2021
  • MOD PizzaSquad Member2022
  • MOD PizzaCaptain
  • MOD PizzaAssistant General Manager
  • MOD Pizza General ManagerCurrent
  • Projects
    *Only showcasing larger projects

    Website & Podcast. An archive of people's life stories. Made up of conversations I have with everyday-folk. There is so much to learn from other people's stories.
    Website & Newlsetter that sends wholesome pictures of **bee butts** every monday.

    "Start your week off with a smile"
    Web Application. Idea organization database / tool. Designed as an "idea warehouse" for research and ideas.

    Passions & Hobbies
    This is my life, this is who I am - at least on the outside.

    Big Thinking

    In pursuit of truth and hapiness. That is what fuels my love of philosophy. Firstly, I want to know what is true about our universe. Is there a god? Does morality matter? These are things one should know before acting in the world.

    And "in pursuit of happiness", in that my end goal is to live the best life I can live. Philosophy encourages me to introspect and think about what really matters, which is a foundation for living a meaningful and happy life.
    I have fallen in love with the sport of rock climbing. It challenges me physically and mentally. A constant upwards battle with the wall to be better and to achieve higher grades. In a lot of ways, it mimics the self-improvment journey that I, too, love.
    I try to be a minimalist, in that I want to "minimize" the less important so I have more time for the most important.

    One of my largest expressions of minimalism is my homelessness, by choice. I choose to live out of my prius, to save money. Money is freedom.
    I have always had a passion for building things. I love creation. Programming is one of the most important skills I have developed to build real things in this modern world.

    I love to create useful tools that make people's lives better - and ultimately happier.
    Music is one of my lesser-public passions. Following from my love of creation, I love making music. I have played many instruments over the years.

    The one that has stuck with me the most is the guitar. I am not skilled at guitar playing. I use it as a foundation to create songs. Playing basic chords, and singing on top. This creative process brings me a lot of joy!